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The Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association can be contacted via email at:

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2 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. I read the recent article in the Capital Press, and I want you to know that your fears are well founded. The government agencies are following the environmentalist agenda and storming over any and all who get in their way. As one who uses goats as a pack animal, I am slowly being pushed out of many jurisdictions and could eventually be restricted from any forest where Bighorn Sheep (BHS) might be found. At present, the Shoshone NF, Wind River Range is close, the portions of the Santa Fe and Inyo, Catalina Mountains in Arizona, the Owyhees in Idaho and the Blue Mountains in Oregon are working like mad to keep me out of the mountains in Oregon. It will not be long before goat packers are locked out of any forest where there is even a remote chance of being in proximity with BHS.

  2. I’ve seen 7 wolves so far. I know many ranchers near Curlew and they’re not happy with the Conservation Northwest enviro-terrorists and neither am I. The ranchers need to figure out a way to get CNW out of controlling the WDFW..

    I feel you guys and know the folks that are losing their lively hood because of the CNW people.

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