Cattlemen’s COVID Classic Invitational Livestock Show

Where Becoming a Champion is Contagious!

Greetings from your 2019 N.E.W. Fair Beef Barn Superintendents, Jenna Barker-Olson & Jessica Jabaay.
We hope this finds you doing well during these uncertain times. After all the school closures, travel restrictions and fair cancellations we have some (hopefully) exciting news for you!
We have spent the past month or so trying to come up with something that can help fill the void of not having a fair this year, since there are no 4-H or FFA gatherings allowed due to Washington State restrictions on size of gatherings because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

So, we cordially INVITE your showman to the Cattlemen’s COVID Classic Invitational Livestock Show, Where Becoming a Champion is Contagious! This is an OPEN show – meaning there is NO correlation or connection to 4-H or FFA.

Below you will find some quick notes on date, place, time, etc.

The forms below need to be filled out COMPLETELY, signed and returned to Jenna Barker by July 18th, 2020. Forms may be emailed to: barkerjn@gmail.com or sent via regular mail to: 370 Spanish Prairie Rd. Colville, WA 99114

• WHAT: Cattlemen’s COVID Classic Invitational Livestock Show – Where Becoming a Champion is Contagious!
o This is an INVITATIONAL show, ONLY for kids that normally would have shown/sold at the 2020 Northeast Washington Fair in Colville, Washington August 20 – 23, 2020.
o This is an OPEN show, meaning there is NO correlation to 4-H or FFA. We will NOT be addressing participants by their club name or chapter affiliation. Kids will be showing as individuals only. The classes will be broken up into age brackets that may differ from other shows you have participated in.
• WHERE: Arden Old Timers Arena in Arden, Washington off Highway 395
o Bring your stock/horse trailers, campers, cars, pickups and/or day tents/shades and chairs to make a day camp in the designated parking area!
o Bring your BBQ grills, coolers and snacks and have a fun filled family day! (We are going to “try” and have food/drink vendors; however, we don’t know if we can quite yet… so plan food/drinks/snacks for your family until you hear otherwise from us!)
• WHEN: Saturday, August 15th 2020
o Check-in 7am – 8am – we WILL be weighing Market Steers to break them into a Market Class! This will only be for show purposes. It will NOT be the official sale weight!

o Fitting & Showing will start at 9 am *** Personalized Awards and MONEY for EACH CLASS!! ****
 Tiny Tots (0 – 7 year old)
 8 – 19 year old (age as of October 1, 2019) ($600+ in prize money to be awarded!)
o Breeding Heifer Class(es) (Belt Buckle for Top Breeding Heifer Donated by Josie Nielsen & ($250 in prize $))
o Short break for lunch (?)
o Market Steer Classes ($1,500+ to be distributed for placing’s! plus personalized awards)
o Awards Ceremony for ALL participants in the Main Arena – We have some COOL PRIZES & MONEY!

o This show is for anyone who would have shown beef at the 2020 N.E.W Fair. (If you know of anyone who wants to show with other species – pig, sheep or goats – contact that respective barn superintendent and encourage them to contact us and plan a sub-show for that species at this show!)
o The Market Steer’s will be placed for sale order for the LIVE Fat Stock Sale to be held on Saturday August 22, 2020 at the NEW Fairgrounds sponsored by the Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association.
 However, you do NOT have to show to be able to sell and you do NOT have to sell if you show!
 For the sale on August 22nd, we will sell “placed” steers from this show first, followed by non-shown/non-judged steers.

Links to required forms:

Registration Form

Liability Release

Covid Disclaimer

Bio and picture form


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