SCCA offers reward for info on retaliatory cattle kills

$15,000 reward for info leading to conviction

The Stevens County Cattlemen’s Association is offering a $15,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction of those responsible for shooting, killing and maiming cattle in Stevens County. Several cattle have been shot and left for dead since the situation with the Old Profanity Wolf Pack worsened earlier this summer. State wildlife managers recently renewed the kill order for the pack after they have continued to attack and kill cattle, despite non-lethal deterrents and the removal of one wolf. As Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) plans to remove more wolves from the pack, SCCA is concerned this will cause extreme environmentalists to retaliate by harming cattle.

Since cattlemen in Stevens County began to experience consistent wolf attacks in 2012, cattle have been the target for malicious opportunists who are shooting cattle while they are grazing near public roadways. The animals are often shot at random and left to die.

“We recently had cattle shot at various locations in the county this summer. We believe the cowards taking these actions are doing so in retaliations for state managers deciding to remove problem wolves,” said SCCA President Scott Nielsen. “If you don’t agree with the wolf management, there are a number of ways to engage on the issue. Shooting or harming cattle will not bring about any management changes and it is a wrongheaded way to act.”

Nielsen noted there are several radical environmentalists promoting harming cattle as retaliation on social media sites.

“The people promoting this kind of tactic are desperate actors who do not care who or what they hurt in the name of their cause. We are serious about making sure these people are held accountable and that’s why we continue to offer this reward,” Nielsen related.

Nielsen said SCCA will pay out $15,000 a year for information leading to a conviction related to the cattle deaths. Those with information regarding the attacks on cattle are encouraged to call the Stevens County or Ferry County Sheriff’s offices or call SCCA directly at 680-3497.

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